Info Terbaru UBUNTU

Silahkan check disini yah teman-teman(Tapi kalo males baca, saya copy paste disini dehhh)… :


Canonical Webinars to Highlight

Untapped Market Potential for


LONDON, March 2, 2010 – Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu, announced a program for the ISV community – including a series of webinars — to highlight the benefits of certifying software on the the long term support version of Ubuntu 10.04.

The April release of Ubuntu 10.04 will be the third long term support release. During its March webinar series, Canonical will explain the significant progress that the previous long term release has made in the server and desktop markets, steps that have moved the operating system from the fringes to the core of computing for millions of individuals and thousands of business in every geography and market.

“Ubuntu has for several years been the fastest growing operating system on server and desktop,” said Steve George, director of Corporate Services at Canonical. “10.04 LTS is the obvious on-ramp for an ISV to become part of the Ubuntu story, and we will make it a frictionless process to bring certified applications to millions of server and desktop users.”



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