Agnes Monica-Rapuh

Belum sempat ku membagi kebahagiaanku
Belum sempat ku membuat dia tersenyum
Haruskah ku kehilangan ‘tuk kesekian kali
Tuhan kumohon jangan lakukan itu

Reff :
Sebab ku sayang dia
Sebab ku kasihi dia
Sebab ku tak rela
Tak s’lalu bersama
Ku rapuh tanpa dia
Seperti kehilangan harap

Jikalau memang harus ku alami duka
Kuatkan hati ini menerimanya

2 thoughts on “Agnes Monica-Rapuh

  1. This is a very touchy and a full expression is required to sing this song. A song that describes a big loss ….a big sorrow ….and a big grief…a moment when you loose somene you love ..some one you adore… and she/he just gone so fast due to bomb blast such as in Hotel Marriot ..Bali..and Others

    • yup. i agree with u…could i ask u?
      whether she was there when it happened?
      or you lose her at other events?

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