a Gift for My Mom

Mom & Dad


This is your daughter who returns to you, when the dark night catch her in silence and isolation. And she remained standing and create an expectation, that she wanted to give something on your birthday.
mom .. I came to you with a tray containing a lot of donuts. I just wanted you to know I love you. So love you.
Mom .. maybe I couldn’t buy a ring like dad bought for you with a high price.
Maybe I cant grant your request to take you to the mecca.Maybe I cant serve and give you an announcement that now I have to get a job.
Maybe I can’t be a beautiful princess who was obedient.
Maybe I couldn’t  give a luxury cake to celebrate your birthday.

Maybe I cant take you to Tangkuban Perahu as you want
Maybe I can’t give you a new dress or a new bag.
But I have one thing that you must  know mom … I love you. In my Lifetime.
Thanks for be  my mom … I love you mom

(walaupun bahasa inggrisnya ancur gak masalah) yang penting gak ketauan kalo lagi bener2 melow hehehhehe #malu


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