You Are The only exception

You always told me how proud you were,

always proud when you say “YOU belongs to me”.

How proud you when i stand in your side,

how proud you when i say ” i need u”

how proud you to be mine.

How proud you to say “I love you always, i still do love you”.

How  proud you if i always there for you.

How proud you to sing together with me on the road.

How proud you to teach me sing in backgrounds singer.

How proud you to always with me….

And i just walked away…im sorry…sorry to regret it… :((

i miss that moment, i miss treated like you do!

nobody could do it all for me unless you.

Youre the one…!hope you can found the right woman than me…

i’m so sorry for your love, always…Toni Adiyasa

May you always hear my pray for your happiness.

I still know what your feelin’ n about your love…

Hope someday, we can sing together as a good friend.

I miss that moment 🙂

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