Dear my lovable Husband

Today, i watch much video and read some article…just for learn how people take care about their child…i remember you…and here i am…imagine how cool we are when our child will grow up with our love…

I imagine when we walk on the river…holding each other…watching our child running in the grass, teach them to riding a bicycle, picnic, reading a story book in the bed, singging a child song everyday, plantings, etc…

I love to imagine this, honey… I Love u… I love Adira Naila Afifa.. and I Love this Baby too…

Thanks for always give me more happiness…everyday, every second in our day…even i know you can’t express your love like i do…

but i always know…you always love me so tenderly, you always be here with me for the worst and better..

Hope it lasts forever until the death do us apart…

Thank you My child’s Lovely Dad…


-A Big Fan of You-



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